Surgery: What I Learned

Never watch a video of the procedure you are having done prior to your surgery date – NEVER!

Having the right people with you on the day of surgery matters (preferably people who will pray for you and also put up with the crazy things you say due to your anxiety and fear). Two of my favorite pastors and friends went with me – Zina and Judy are the best – a little crazy, but the best!

When you go to the hospital they will provide you with cute shoes, socks, bracelets, a dress and a fancy hat – better known as hospital gowns, patient ID/Allergy tags, and surgical attire, etc.

Having a spouse or roommate are beneficial for when you come home from surgery, but I still have no desire for either. I am a happy single and I’m not ashamed!!

People who care, find ways to express it and demonstrate it by doing stuff I never would have imagined they would do – this still baffles and blesses me when I think about it!

I have at least two types of people in my life – those who are selfless and also have those who are selfish and self absorbed – I have learned from both types of people

I learned what it’s like to be “high.” I have never been high on anything before, but I am convinced that that little button I pressed to dispense medicine (Morphine) the day after surgery gave me a slight hangover or something

Rest when my body says rest – my body says this a lot post surgery

Not all who profess to be friends and care actually do….

Phone calls, emails, cards, prayers, and tangible expressions of kindness go a long way and contribute to healing!

When you get a good doctor who is also a surgeon – keep them!!! My doctor was and is the best and does her job well.

Most important, I learned that God’s presence makes a difference and the His peace can be experienced even through painful and perplexing times…. His love for me continues and my love for Him continues to increase!

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