Wanna Be

Most people use the term “wanna be” as a negative connotation, referring to a person who attempts to be someone that they are not. None of us should do that – we are all uniquely designed and should celebrate that. Personally, I believe that in another sense, there is nothing at all wrong with trying to be a “wanna be.” I am a wanna be in that I:

  • Wanna Be more like Jesus
  • Wanna Be more than I am today
  • Wanna Be further along a year from now than I am today
  • Wanna be a better woman than I am right now
  • Wanna be the best at my life calling that I can be

I know this is simple, but hey, we should all want to be something/someone better than we currently are. Being a “wanna be” means that you are not stagnant, that you have aspiration, and set goals to move in the direction of all that you can become.

Who are you now? And how do you move forward, higher, and deeper on the journey of becoming all you have the potential to become?

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  1. It is perfectly acceptable to strive for constant improvement. In fact, it is to be encouraged. Never mind the nay sayers, determine your goals and pursure them.

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