It Doesn’t Make Sense

Though I have been a follower of Jesus for over 20 years, I must be honest and say that during the journey it hasn’t always made sense to me. Lately as I read the Bible and really think seriously about some of the stories contained therein I find myself realizing how far fetched and outlandish some of the stories are. Here are some examples:

Fully grown man created from the dust of the ground and a fully grown woman created by use of that man’s rib

A guy being put in a den of ravenous beasts, lions to be exact. And living to tell the story. He even took a nap while he was hanging out with them

A sea of water parting long enough to allow thousands to cross to the other side on dry ground. (no mud at all???) Be serious.

Dead people coming back to life after being dead for 4 days.

People blind all their lives eventually being able to see again either because Jesus honored their faith or because He decided to make some mud out of God knows how much saliva and smear it on a dudes eyes

And that’s not even the half of it. The Bible has some bizarre stories to tell….

And then as I live life from day to day, following Jesus seems like the last thing a person should do – the pain in the world, the things that simple don’t work out favorably for me, living with more questions than answers, not to mention years upon years of waiting for Jesus to return like He said over two thousand years ago that He would.  But still I keep following and calling Him my Lord and acknowledging Him as Savior. WHY?

Why do I keep following? It’s simple. #1 He changed my life. #2 He Himself is life and hope. #3 I still believe. #4 His love constrains me.

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