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Hurry Up!

While going for a leisurely walk, halfway through it I noticed the pace at which my feet were moving. I know that’s a little weird, but I am learning to pay more attention not only to my surroundings, but also to my self. Self awareness is a good thing. I observed several things

  • There was nothing pressing to get to on my schedule
  • Beauty was all around me – flowers, rabbits, sunshine, greenery, butterflies, and even those crazy squirrels (squirrels are a clear indicator that God has jokes)
  • My feet were moving at what I refer to as an “East Coast Pace” (Midwest folks move a bit slower than that)

I was hurrying even though I had no legitimate reason to hurry. Kirk Byron Jones in his book “Addicted to Hurry” says:

Hurry is not an innocent and inevitable consequence of modern life. Chronic hurry is a serious malady of mind, heart, and soul putting at risk our relationship with God, each other, and ourselves.

I’ll be the first to admit, that slow messes with me. I prefer fast technology, drivers who drive at a pace that tells me they see the speed limit and don’t drive under it, and fast beats and tempo helps me clean the house more thoroughly.

In my opinion, it’s ok if you take your time, just as long as you hurry up. In other words, keep it moving. (That’s my East Coast mentality).

I am not in opposition to speed and don’t think I ever will be – it has it’s place and it’s necessary. But some times I find myself hurrying up even when I don’t have to. I’m learning that slowing down regularly can do some good – it helps us see things we might have missed, enables us to actually notice the people around us, bask in the beauty that surrounds us, and even see the pain and situations around us that God may want us to respond to.

What are some things you can do today to slow down? Do you really have to hurry up all the time or can some things simply wait?