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We Can’t Just Get Over It

I don’t usually rant, but I just need to say that I get a bit annoyed when some White folks try to tell Black folks how and how not to respond to injustices. Telling folks who are hurting to get over it, put it behind us, move on, you’re overreacting, and let it go are just not acceptable. And yes, I have heard and read all of these statements.

Our anger, our fear and our frustration are not just about Trayvon, it goes so much deeper than that; the extensive history of racism and inequality plays a huge role in provoking the thoughts and feelings that we have; AND an awareness that based on how we have historically seen things play out causes feelings of despair.Our pain is the result of cumulative experiences and a constant lack of resolve and change within society. So, no one can ever tell us how to feel, how to be, and how to respond!

If those who are white are tired of hearing us (and our allies) talk about this, perhaps they should consider that they are not the only ones who are tired – we too are tired – of decade after decade of the same old ill treatment and disproportionate discrimination. If you are weary of us “whining and complaining” or “playing the race card.” keep in mind that we too are weary, weary of racial profiling, weary of constant subtle and not so subtle messages that we are not as good or as valued as our lighter brothers and sisters.

So, when we say this is about race, it is not solely about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, it is inclusive of a frustration with a judicial system and societal norms of suspicion regarding who and how we are as Black folks. SO YES, it is about race, racism, and we can’t keep ignoring and denying it.

Trusting God Again…

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
he’s the one who will keep you on track.
Don’t assume that you know it all. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Here comes randomness!

Although some Christians are afraid to admit it, let me be one to admit the truth. I know a lot of Bible, I go to Church, but truth be told, I move from days of being extremely encouraged to days of being deeply discouraged as I consider my life and ministry. Today happened to be one of those deeply discouraging days – a day when I became frustrated with God because I ask Him questions and He won’t provide answers, a day when the things that I hope for seem as though they will never be an experienced reality. A day when vision seems obsolete or at least real far away. A day when I found myself yelling at God because of my frustration with waiting on Him. I am hungry for Him and for His plan for my life. I just want to make a difference…. Yet, there is silence and confusion.

And then I listened to a sermon by one of my former pastors Dr. David Ireland that left me with the impression that I shouldn’t give up just yet, and maybe even use the frustration as fuel to empower me to keep believing and trusting. While listening to the message, I received an email reminder from a dear friend who reminded me of where he (and I) were and where he now is. When we met I think on some level we were both simply trying to figure life out in terms of where we were going and how to fulfill our life purposes. And now just 5 years later he is the owner of a business that he started called The Cupcake Gallery, which has now grown and expanded to the start of an additional company called Uptown Pie Company.

Just one message from him today encouraged me to keep believing, keep hoping, and keep trusting.

Sometimes it is easy to subtly lax into a state of self reliance, and dependence upon others and forget about the God factor – not only the utter necessity of His power, but also His utter willingness to do big things not just for others but for me! So as difficult as things are right now, and with an outrageous level of uncertainty, I have decided to trust God again. Has the feeling of discouragement subsided just yet? No. But my decision still remains – I will trust God again.