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Greek 101

Random list of things that I learned from my first semester of NT Greek:

#1 Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can still fail.

#2 When you fail, try again.

#3 Temptation will come, resist it.

#4 God must be amazing to create something as small as a brain and enable it to retain an such an abundance of information

#5 Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do in order to get where you are trying to go

#6 Sometimes professors are gracious, appreciate it but don’t abuse it.

#7 The older your brain is, the harder it is to learn a new language.

#8 A cheering committee is NECESSARY – discouraging moments will come, you can encourage yourself, and it’s also good to have a handful of people who will also encourage you. (I have huge appreciation for my supporters)!

#9 Color coding, attaching paradigms to the walls of your house, listening to audio versions of vocabulary, and taking note cards with you wherever you go (and I do mean wherever), whenever possible will make people wonder about you, but also help you get through the Greek experience.

#10 Never, ever, no never, ever – I repeat NEVER get behind and plan to catch up later! Playing catch up is for the birds and you don’t have wings! Avoid slacking off at all cost!

#11 Make sure that you eat well, sleep and exercise. It may feel like there’s no time for it, but making time for these things equips you to face Greek a whole lot better than you would by neglecting these practices. Trust God enough to take time out for self care.

#12 Pray, pray, and pray all the way through, and while you’re at it ask others to pray too!

Long list, but just think, this is only after ONE semester, with TWO more semesters of Greek to go! Lord…!!!