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Be Inspired?

Photo Credit - Unknown

Over the last 6 months I have known of at least 3 men who have passed away in their forties – a sibling, a pastor, an artist. All fairly young, all from every outward appearance healthy, yet they took their last breath and left those who loved them awestruck, disallusioned, wondering, confused, glad that they had the opportunity to know these individuals.

Recently artist known as Heavy D died suddenly at the age of 44 years old. His last tweet on his Twitter account simply said –
Surely he did not know that those two words would be his last two words spoken online to fans, friends and family, and yet they were. It got me thinking about the words we speak – whether verbally or in writing. Sure, none of us are able to ensure that our last words will be positive, life giving, and inspiring, but it should at least cause us to at least:
Pause Before we speak
Speak enough positive, life giving words that it’s what we are known for
Live every day as if it may be your last
Aim to live our lives to benefit others not only ourselves
Truth is, life is an extraordinary gift, often taken for granted, misused and abused. And yet for some it is a gift that is valued, used to inspire and spur others on.
How are you living your life? Did you inspire anyone today? If you see tomorrow, how can you inspire someone tomorrow?